Jeremiah Program - Cooks For Kids

The Jeremiah Program is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization whose proven, holistic approach transforms families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time.

  • Jeremiah Program provides single mothers and their children with a safe, affordable place to live, quality early childhood education, life skills training, and support for career-track education.
  • The Program infuses high expectations for young mothers to further their education and increase their employment opportunities, while preparing their children for school success.
  • By addressing the holistic needs of families, the Jeremiah approach uniquely prepares determined single mothers to excel in the workforce, readies their children to succeed in school, and reduces generational dependence on public assistance.

The St. Paul Optimist Club sponsors the "Cook for Kids" Committee to bring food and event celebrations, like Birthdays to the kids and families in the program.
Check out more information about their programs and needs at: